Friday, 29 June 2012


Right now I'm lying in my bed on my side, laptop flipped so I can see the screen straight, typing one-handed, because I'm both awesome and lazy. It's super cold and rainy and windy, and I'm about ready to go to sleep for a few hours before a small hungry human wakes me. 

Meanwhile, this was the general tone for our quiet afternoon...

Monday, 25 June 2012


I freaking hate it dude. I just want my walls to be smooth and nice and pretty and I don't want to have to do it. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Pictures to come.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

It's so, so freaking green.

 After Finn was born, I was lucky in that I didn't have a great deal of trouble shifting some of the weight I'd collected along the way. He fed constantly, and in the first few months I sped back to my pre Finn (but post Thomas) weight. It's slowed a lot since then; I am still losing weight, but not nearly as quickly as I'd like to be. Also, after seven months of some pretty hefty sleep deprivation, I generally spend the morning feeling completely rotten. Caffeine isn't the healthiest of fixes, and to be honest wasn't cutting it, I needed something to serve as both a meal replacement to stop me feeling so fat and wobbly, and a morning pick me up.

So! I present to you, the green smoothie. Completely delicious, but kind of looks like the bottom of a lunch box after three months in a kid's school bag. Both kids had a bit and didn't complain, so it can't have been too awful. 

In this smoothie, you will find:

A handful of baby spinach leaves.
One banana
A handful of frozen blueberries.
Half a pear.
Half a mandarin.
About a tablespoon of chia seeds (pre-soaked in a little water to form a gel).
About 250ml of water.

Everything's raw to keep in the goodies, and blends up nice and smooth.


Saturday, 16 June 2012

I have two.

Children, that is. Boys. Thomas has just turned four, and Finn is nearly seven months. 

Tom is this wonderful, lanky thing, his baby fat long gone, all arms and legs and blonde hair. Superhero enthusiast, dreams of becoming a fireman, but is keeping the title of The Green Lantern as a fall-back option. He's generally either swinging between being so-freaking-difficult-that-I-want-to-rip-my-freaking-eyelashes-out, and being the sweetest, most hilarious, clever, inquisitive little man you could imagine. Currently learning to wee standing up, occasionally sticks peas up his nose and forever coming home from walks with pockets full of rocks. He came along when I was only nineteen, and while it was obviously an adjustment, I'm so glad I got him. I'm pretty in love with him. 

This kid is brand new. He's soft and squishy and huge (he's already nine kilos, and he was a ten pounder and birth.TEN POUNDS, I tell you!). He's this amazing laid back little thing, he loves everyone and will grab your face with both hands and over you in open-mouthed baby smooches each and every time you pick him up. A truly, truly atrocious sleeper, so I'm perpetually wandering into rooms and forgetting why I went in there in the first place, and I haven't finished more than a handful of sentences in far too long, but I have a vague idea that this is the effect a baby is supposed to have on your life so I'm just going to with it. He's desperately trying to crawl, but so far only has a little backwards shuffle down pat. He's endlessly backing himself into corners and yelling in gibberish until someone comes to rescue him.

Boys are a new thing for me, growing up in a house with three other women and all, so every day is a new learning curve. Fart jokes, Ben Ten, cars, football and mud are commonplace. I only expect it to get worse.

Goodnight. A xx

Then let's begin.

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